For over 25 years fitness had been an integral part of my life, with weight training and running at the forefront of my exercise routine. However, as I got older, I often found myself in pain or injured following my workouts. It took knee surgery eight years ago and chronic lower back pain to convince me that I had to find another way to keep my body healthy. I had tried many modalities but didn’t find the classes as challenging or conditioning as my weight training and cardio. However, when a friend suggested I try Pilates and invited me to the Pivotal Pilates Open House, curiosity trumped skepticism and I decided to give it a try. 
Well, that was six years ago, and I have to admit, from that day on, I was hooked. The moment I walked through the door at Pivotal – into the beautiful, dimly lit, tranquil space, with hard wood floors throughout, an inviting, small lounge area and an expansive array of Pilates equipment throughout the rest of the studio – I knew this was a special place.
Although there are many aspects of training at Pivotal that keep me returning week after week, including, the personalized attention I receive, the vast knowledge of both Susan and Nicole (and their openness to answering all my questions), fun and innovative group classes, privates that continuously integrate new exercises with traditional ones, the most significant of these, is the dramatic improvement in my injury related pain. I no longer suffer from low back pain and my chronic knee pain is practically non -existent. I have learned that you don’t have to choose between a body that looks good on the outside or one that feels good on the inside; at Pivotal you can have both!”

“I’ve been working with Susan for about a year. I totally trust her as a result I’ve moved my body and gained strength in ways I never thought I would. As a result I’m encouraged, empowered, more confident and motivated in everyday life. I love Pilates and look forward to every session with her.”

“Training at Pivotal has changed my life and body. Walking up a few flight of stairs, getting up and down off the floor when I play with my grandkids, having a stronger posture and physique are all the benefits from Pilates. I’m amazed!”

“I began Pilates when my wife became concerned about my balance. Reinforcing this was my observations that a large part of the prayer requests for members in my age group at church (I am 76 years old) involved tripping , falling, slipping and other balance related accidents”

“My instructor from the beginning has been Jen Guarino. She is pleasant, encouraging, and precise. More importantly, I see she has given thought to my program, designing exercises specific to my needs. My progress(and I can see real progress) is a result of her professionalism.”