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Celebrating 10 years in 2020, Pivotal Pilates is a specialty fitness destination founded on the premise of a mindful, intimate setting,

high-quality, client-focused philosophy & small group instruction.

Pivotal Pilates is an inclusive space for all fitness levels. We not only offer classes to people who are physically fit but those who might want to go from frail to fit and everything in between. Our New REHAB track offers clients a chance to work with experienced instructors who can help them recover, renew, rehabilitate their bodies using our state-of-the-art equipment and master level Pilates instruction.

When you walk into Pivotal you feel at once settled. The tranquil setting and community-minded atmosphere encourage focus and excitement. We know that experience matters which is why we go out of our way to make sure yours is a gratifying and successful one.

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Complimentary Introductory 30-minute Mini Private
Foundational Reformer Beginner Series
Introductory 3-Pack Private Instruction
Complimentary 10-minute Vibrational Fitness Demo

 Introducing our Rehab Pilates Track

If you’re new to pilates, once you complete our mini-series of beginner options take advantage of all of our beginner classes and beyond. We offer many Group Equipment options as well as Floor combinations.

Please call us for more information or just sign up for a free demo and get started today!


In our Beginner Series Track we introduce first time or nearly first time Pilates students to the Pilates Method through our 3-pack Private introductory package. We also Pilates offer introductions to Group Equipment classes and Beginner Floor Flows. In any beginner class we will cover Pilates foundations, essential level exercises, and proper alignment. Once you experience our Beginner series you’ll be ready to join any floor or equipment class on the schedule.

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This 30-minute complimentary session is a great way for you to meet with us in the studio. We will give you an experience on the Reformer and all the Pilates pieces

in our studio to give you a sense of all the workout options available to you. We can answer your questions, discuss goals, and other concerns you might have at this

session giving you a great introduction to what we do here at Pivotal Pilates

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The series takes place on Saturdays at 8:30 am and consists of introducing you to the Pilates Reformer Machine, the essential level work out, and the Pilates core principles. Students will learn everything they need to know in order to move on to our Essential Level Flow Classes. We work through each exercise slowly with a focus on doing them correctly, integrating breath work and slow deliberate movement.

These classes are wonderful for brand new students.

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During this 3-Pack Private introductory session, you get 3 55-minute workouts tailored to your goals and body type.

Each class will consist of 45 minutes of total body training and 10 minutes of specialized work specific to your needs and concerns.

All sessions are done on our state-of-the-art Pilates equipment for an incredible, full integration into the Pilates Method the equipment

based training we offer.

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Our REHAB PILATES track is for those individuals who need individualized sessions to meet their needs. Whether you have joint replacements,

spinal issues, or have been sedentary for far too long, this track is for you. Our Rehab Pilates track is a private session only track. We will give you

a complimentary 30-minute assessment session and then design a program that meets the needs of your body and activity level. Let us help you get your body back safely

and effectively.

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In our Boomers Track, we move a bit more slowly and focus on deep connections of the body and spine.
Clients are over 55 and looking to create a great stretch, balance, and strength routine. These classes are typically oriented around joint preservation, easy mobility moves, and core integration throughout all exercises. Don’t let the name fool you! Our Boomers kick butt! We just train with an emphasis on fascial length, balance, and strength. We work unilaterally for balance challenges and do plenty of isometric work for strength all while preserving joints!

Boomers’ classes will be noted with as, “Boomers”.  A Boomer client is welcome in most of our Beginner classes or some intermediate as well.

(p.s. you can take any class you want, these are just our recommendations)

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Our ESSENTIAL LEVEL is for students who have already taken our introductory offers and are ready to move into more of a flow. Our Beginner Flow series

is about learning choreography, mastering the core principles of Pilates to ensure the exercises and body alignment are done right. We like everyone to take advantage

of our Essential Level because learning how Pilates is done is the foundation of everything else we do.

Students who have some experience with Pilates Equipment are recommended for this track. All our Essential Level Classes will be noted by, “EL”.

If you have no experience with Pilates we recommend our Beginner Series of 8.

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Our Intermediate level of classes includes greater strength moves but also lots of stretching and focus on precision. While this class is often, “open level”, it is chock full of Pilates exercises and breathwork to create balance and engage deep muscle work, so students must have some experience with Pilates to participate. Please see our Beginner Track if you are new to Pilates.  Our intermediate track will be noted on the class a well as the kind of class it is. See below.

Our classes can have an element of Balance, Stretch, and Strength (BSS), or can emphasize Cardio (C), Power (P), or appropriate for the Active Aging (AA) community. Our Active Aging track is for people over 55 who want to work a bit more on length, stretch, and balance. It is still a challenging and vigorous class but appropriate for joint preservation and fascial fitness, all excellent for the aging body It will also be noted by each class with an abbreviation.

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Our ADVANCED track offers more interval and power moves. While POWER is our most challenging track it is still designed for a balanced workout taking into account the need to stretch and work the entire body. The experienced exerciser and Pilates enthusiast is perfect for this track. Most class in the Power Track move at a quicker pace and is a mix of interval training and an emphasis on muscle endurance.

Athletic Reformer and some of our Cardiolates are in the category of Power. You will see an abbreviation (P) next to each class on our Power Track.

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Group Equipment Intro 3-Pack

Other Equipment Packages

Contract packages available

Private Pilates Intro 3-Pack

Other Private Packages

Contract packages available



  • Core Muscle Anatomy
  • Comprehensive Mat Course
  • Basic Apparatus Training Phase I & II
Continuing Education
  • Pre/Postnatal Workshop
  • Shoulder Joint Workshop
  • Foundations for Beginner workshop


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