• Raising the Barre

    Step up your fitness with our beginner to advanced level total body Tone Zone workouts.

  • Fit for Life

    Pilates is an exercise recipe that carries you through the rest of your life.

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  • Inspired Movement

    Not only do we crave strength and endurance but with practice comes ease of movement, grace and a fuller range of motion.

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Pivotal is no ordinary Pilates Studio. We are a specialty fitness space where one can de-stress and build mind/body connection. We have 5 divisions of fitness dedicated to individual needs and goals. Take a look and see if you fit into a series or program, or if you fit into a few we can tailor a fitness program to meet your needs.  No matter what your strength or limitations are we can find something to get you moving!


Zen Den: A Place for Beginners

Our slower paced Pilates routine. Perfect for beginners! Learn more.


Tone Zone: Next Level Fitness

For our fitness enthusiasts. Fast paced high-intensity, low impact programs. Learn more.


Special Populations & Joint Preservation

Customized programs for those with injuries,  postural problems or health conditions. Learn More.


Athletic Conditioning: Sports Specific

We offer sport specific training (horseback riding, golf, cycling & gymnastics…). Read more.


Continuing Education

Looking for a career as a Pilates Instructor.  Check out Pivotal Pilates and Kinected certification program. Learn more.

Latest News

Fabulously Fit February 2016

We are excited to add more Barre classes to our schedule!  The ballet barre classes you see trending these days are not for the meek. They are extremely challenging. At Pivotal we’ve broken down the moves, created foundations that move to cool beats. Try our  Beginner Barre classes: Monday & Thursday:  9:30am with Lori Preziose […]

Annual Open House

INCREDIBLE INSTRUCTION IS WORTH THE TIME. Come take a taste of what Pivotal Pilates has to offer.  Try a private equipment session, pilates mat or barre class.  Come join the fitness fun at Pivotal and start your year off right!

Renters Heaven for the Pilates Professional

Beautiful Intimate Pilates Studio for rent by the hour. Pay a modest membership fee of $45/month and $25/hour. Benefits:  A community of other professional instructors. Online business and administrative software to help you view, schedule, change and book appointments. Automatic email confirmations! Our studio is equipped with state of the art STOTT Pilates equipment. Call […]