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Every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday@ 6:30 am
Intermediate Group Reformer and Mixed Equipment
w/ Jen Guarino

Pilates equipment experience is required.

This intermediate-level Pilates Equipment class is a total body workout.
We use the Reformer other Pilates machines and, small props, to compliment change-ups and muscle confusion. Each week is a new variation and progression of weeks before.

Every Monday & Wednesday@6:30 pm
Intermediate Group Reformer and TRX Circuit Class
w/ Jen Guarino

Pilates equipment experience is required.

This intermediate-level Pilates Equipment class is a total body workout.We use mixed Pilates equipment and TRX, with small props, to compliment change-ups and muscle confusion. Each week is a new variation and progression of weeks before.

Every Wednesday & Thursday @10:30 am
Intermediate Group Reformer & Cardio Tramp Reformer
w/ Nicole Vinciguerra

Pilates equipment experience is required.

This intermediate-level Pilates Equipment class is a total body workout.On Wednesday we use the intermediate Pilates choreography with a contemporary twist, using small props, to compliment change-ups and muscle confusion.

On Thursday is our Cardio-Tramp Reformer Class emphasizing Cardio interval training on the Reformer.

Every Tuesday & Friday@10:00 am
Intermediate Tower and Mixed Equipment
w/ Susan Markowitz

Pilates equipment experience is required.

This intermediate-level Teacher’s Equipment Choice class is a total body workout.

We use the Tower other Pilates machines, with small props, to compliment change-ups and muscle confusion. Each week is a new variation and progression of weeks before.

Beginner and Open Level Classes

Every Tuesday & Thursday @ 5:30 pm
Open Level Group Reformer and Mixed Equipment

Some Pilates equipment experience is required.

This Open-level Pilates Equipment class is a total body workout.
We use the Reformer other Pilates machines and, small props, to compliment change-ups and muscle confusion. Each week is a new variation and progression of weeks before. The focus is on balance and length throughout.

Every Saturday @8:30 am
Beginner Reformer

Minimal Pilates equipment experience is required

This Beginner-level Pilates Equipment class is a total body workout.
We use the Reformer other Pilates machines, and small props, to compliment change-ups and muscle confusion. Each week is a new variation and progression of weeks before.

Pivotal Pilates
small groups, expert instruction and a variety of classes!

35 years experience
rolled into one studio.

Happy Independence Day!


Free People. Free Mind. Free Nation.

July 4th is one of my favorite holidays. Why? Because it reminds us of the fight we went through to establish our independence. Just like in everyday life, we fight for our independent minds, our individual rights, our freedom of speech. None of that would be available without the true fight for democracy and America’s free nation. Thank you forefathers and mothers!



As you all know I’m a fan of joint preservation fitness. Over the last 19 years, I’ve been curious about longevity, graceful aging, and of course, a slender, lean body. Aging is no joke, especially if we’re used to being fit and strong most of our lives. We want to maintain and improve upon our balance, flexibility, and strength. Doing the same exercises, only more frequently, doesn’t work. We are straining our tendons, joints, ligaments when shortening our muscles instead of lengthening them. Through flexibility, toning, strength, and rebalancing body composition, we can preserve our joints and create optimal fitness. We need to train smarter, not harder.

Pivotal is now offering a Pivotal Dynamix 45-minute non-stop floor class. We stretch and strengthen shoulders, hips, ankles, wrists, quads, calves, and more, including a challenging arm and leg section. Give your body what it needs… a rebalancing, a recalibrating.


10 Sessions for $100

(for Pivotal Dynamix only)


Wednesday w/Susan Markowitz



Tuesday w/ Nancy Elkes



Get that body moving. Love working out again!

Buy 24 Group Equipment class get 26!

(good for any group class)

Stars, Stripes, and Pilates

Thankful Life~

In honor of our BRAVEmilitary and armed forces;
We thank you for your service and keeping our lives safe and securing our democracy.
We need you now more than ever! We Salute & Remember You!

Celebrate This Memorial Day

It’s been a trying 18 months for everyone. Slowly we are returning to our social and familial relationships and activities. Fitness and mental health are critical.We must get out and breathe the fresh air again.Pivotal has been open since June 2020 on a limited basis. We are now operating at full capacity, which is still only 6 people in each equipment class and 10 people in our floor classes!! Our spacious studio can easily accommodate 6-10 people and still have the appropriate social distance. As we move into a new phase of this disease we are not stopping precautionary measures HOWEVER we are going MASK FREE as of June 1st.

Effective Tuesday, June 1st, 2021, class participants who are fully vaccinated are no longer required to wear a face-covering when visiting Pivotal Pilates but may do so optionally.

Have a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend and see you in the studio soon!

Try Something New For The Summer. Evolve.

These 55-min classes are refreshing, new, and only at Pivotal Pilates.
If you are looking for something different, a novel class that flows and works your entire body, look no further.
Balance, postural strength, fascial fitness, and joint preservation are all programmed into the classes. Excellent for all body types.

We are certainly not getting any younger. In fact, most of us don’t realize that our soft tissue, like fascia, muscle, ligaments, and tendons begin to lose hydration, tear easier and dry up. Without specific stretching, we are more prone to injury. Discover what works for YOUR body.

New Clients start with a fitness evaluation, which includes a postural analysis and stretch test. Then book your sessions privately so we can design a program or suggest classes suited to your body and fitness level. Let us help rejuvenate and restore your soft tissue making you feel younger, more vibrant, and up for more physical challenges.



So many ways to make her day…

Love makes life interesting, uplifting, and profound. Moms show their love throughout our lifetimes and we do our best to give back in return. Share your love with your mom by offering her a great movement experience. She’ll be in good hands with us.

Give her the gift of Pilates!

Purchase a Gift Set

4-Pack of Privates
4-Pack of Group Equipment
4-Pack of Floor
Enjoy 10% off the total price!
Buy a 24-Pack of any group service
and receive 2 classes free.
(one package each per client)


Moms are often reminded of the importance of staying active for cardiovascular fitness, weight maintenance, increased flexibility, and strength. If you are keen to get back into shape after having a baby or you’d love to be a role model for your kids, young or older, why not choose Pilates? Numerous studies have shown that it is an excellent way to hone your strength and flexibility but also burn calories and boost your mental health…. READ MORE



Essentrics 30-minute Standing Class

Thursday’s at 9:15 am

This class is part of our Active Aging series.

Essentrics is a standing floor workout that is safe for the joints, works the legs, core, and arms while lengthening and strengthening your muscle groups. You will stretch, strengthen and rebalance your body in this 30minute standing floor class.

Great class of anyone 55 & Over wanting to stretch their bodies and feel every muscle working.

Hop in and enjoy our Easter specials



Easter is the perfect day to enjoy some great food with your friends and family.
It is also a great time of year to RISE UP from the inertia that Covid-19 had forced upon us.
If you haven’t been out since the PANDEMIC now is your opportunity.
Come out and RECLAIM YOUR BODY and mind. Join our amazing community and get your game on.

We practice social distancing and masks are worn at all times in the studio.
However…as people get inoculated more and more we will allow those inoculated to get face-naked when around others who’ve been inoculated!! Can’t wait to see those smiles again.


The Perfect Easter

In the spirit of RISING UP and RECLAIMING your body and mind, we are offering aBUY A PACKAGE-GET AN EXTRA SESSION! For example… buy 12 get 13, buy 24 get 25!

($40-$95 Savings Offer Ends Monday, April 5th.)


Open Mixed Equipment

Get your Cardio In!

This is an Open Mixed Equipment Class. The Instructor has the opportunity to choose among our varied pieces of equipment. Students may spend 30-minutes on Reformer then move to Tower or Chair. Of course, the emphasis on the Intermediate Track is balance, stretch, and strength. We change it up each week giving our clients a fresh and integrated experience. Classes change weekly.

Starting Thursday, April 8th at 9:30 am with Nicole

In case you missed it…Whole Body Vibrational Fitness Sessions are HERE!

Leave us a review on Google, it only takes a couple of minutes! See you around the studio!

Feeling green? Treat yourself to a class at Pivotal Pilates!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

This month we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Every culture has its celebration but what is St. Patrick’s Day all about anyway? According to historian Marion Casey, It began with a priest and continues with Irish pride and the color green! Read more…

Personally, I’m reminded of two things; New York City Irish Pubs at the age of 19 and 20 and later in life taking my son to a wonderfully green patch of grass to look for 4 leaf clovers. We’d spend at least an hour or so looking. Excitedly we searched and found several on many occasions. I still have them safely saved in a book! What is your best memory of St. Patrick’s Day? Whatever it is, enjoy your time with your family and friends.

Spring into Action and Try Something New.

Beginner Series Reformer Flow

(Susan Markowitz)

Every Saturday at 8:30 am.

• This class is a beginner flow of Pilates essential level and modified exercises to ensure proper alignment and ease of movement.

• Students enjoy a moderate pace with fun props making a great mix of flexibility and strength training.

Beginner Rebounding/Reformer

Get your Cardio In!

Get your cardiovascular fitness for 30-minutes and then tone, lengthen and stretch your body with a 30-minute Reformer interval. This is a BEGINNER Pilates-based rebounding class with easy choreography and lots of fun music! Get your body movin!

Every Wednesday at 9:00 am

Spring into Action and Try Something New.

Pivotal Pilates is now offering Vibrational Fitness Sessions!

Not sure what VIbrational Fitness is all about? Try a 10-minute Demo:

10-Min Add Ons

30-Min Movement Sessions

45-Min Movement Sessions

Happy Valentines Day!


Pilates is loving yourself. Share the love…

Refer someone you LOVE or do a DUET with them!

You’ll receive $25 off your next purchase at Pivotal Pilates.

Can Pilates improve your sex life? Take a look!

Another Reason to Love Pilates: It can Support Better Sex & Intimacy

Science supports that exercise, which of course includes Pilates, can lead to more satisfaction in bed. In 2004, researchers determined that college students who deemed themselves above average fitness-wise also perceived themselves that way when it came to sexual desirability and performance…. Read Article

Benefits of Pilates for Men

Men often shy away from Pilates because it seems like a female-dominated practice. But in reality, many professional athletes use it as a form of cross-training to improve their overall performance…. Read Article

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.” Joseph Pilates

Vibrational Fitness

Vibrational fitness has been on the market for over 20 years. The research is remarkable. In just 25 minutes 3x’s a week you will see amazing results. Book a demo with us and catch the Vibrations!

Vibrational Fitness Benefits

Greater muscle tone and coordination

✓  Increased flexibility

✓  Accelerated fat loss

✓  Increased mental stimulation for better concentration

✓  Reduced stress, and improved hormonal profile

✓  Increased circulation and oxygenation

✓  Reversal of osteoporosis

✓  Improved nutrient absorption and enhanced immune functions

✓  Decreased cellulite

✓  Increased metabolism

✓  Enhanced collagen production and improved skin tone

✓  Improved joint function

✓  Lessened pain

Vibrational Fitness Coming soon!

Catch the VIBE…..

Let’s Go Gentlemen! Make your move.

We have Classes Made for Men

Balance, Stretch, and Strength Reformer for Men

Sundays at 10:15 am

Fridays at 5:15 pm

It’s about time!

Men train differently than women. They need a great deal of stretching to go along with the strong moves they do. We will explore the core, back, shoulders, rotation exercises, and more.

• Equipment Based class.

• Challenging local and global muscles.

• Integrated breathing and stretching.

• Lengthen all muscle groups.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! We have so much to share with you. TAKE A LOOK!

Happy New Year and Good Riddance to 2020! For most of us, 2020 was a year of contemplation, revisioning, and taking stock of what matters most. Being one of those businesses that had to think on their feet during this year, I’ve made some Pivotal changes to what we do. Using the knowledge I’ve acquired over the last 18-20 years is important to me. I love teaching special populations and the over 60 community. I’ve found that seniors and all people who would otherwise not go to a “gym setting” need our skills the most. Pivotal is a great place to focus on wellness. People want to work on their bodies seriously and help themselves move better, feel better and of course, look better. As we age so too do our bones, muscles, soft tissue, brains, joints, and well, everything! Aging requires athleticism in different ways. In order to “age backward,” we must train differently. With this knowledge in mind, I reoriented our programming to meet the needs of this population. We now have 4 tracks you can choose from that take into account your fitness level, experience, age, and fitness ambitions.

Take a look below!

New Track Options

Pivotal now offers TRACKS for your specific fitness needs for that week, day, or anytime. When you follow a track you can get the specific kind of fitness you’re looking for. You can stay on a track or jump to different tracks giving you a variety of ways to train your body.

Outlining the level of each class gives you a choice as to whether you want to work a little slower and deeper or faster and more explosive. We’ve also added an Active Aging Track for that client over 55 who enjoys more length, balance, and fascial fitness. We want to help you reach the place where your body flourishes. Take a look at our tracks.

Active Aging Track
For those of us who are over 55 and looking for deeper postural work, balance, strength, and a slower paced class, this is perfect for you! Look for our Balance. Strength and Stretch classes. Or Active Aging.
Beginner Track
Our Introductory offers and 8-Session Beginner Series is a great way to get started with Pilates. We will get you up and running in no time!
Look for our Beginner Classes.
Power Track
Interval training with emphasis on stamina and strength. But don’t worry we always do lots of stretching to finish!
Look for Power Classes.
Intermediate Track
Balance, stretch and strength is the theme for these slow moving but powerful classes. Isometric work coupled with deep breathing goes a long way.
Look for Intermediate Classes.
Rehab Track
This track is reserved for private sessions. Clients work on troubled areas while integrating more functional fitness into their programming.
By Appointment Only


We now offer a new package plan which I think everyone will benefit from. While we will still offer packages ‘ala-cart’ our best pricing is our contract packaging.

Group Equipment

Make easy monthly payments by choosing the appropriate package for your participation preference. All sessions expire each month and do not roll over into the next.


3-Month Plans 4 sessions

4 Sessions a month


(approx. 1x’s a week)


6 Month Plan 8 sessions

8 sessions per month


(approx. 2x’s a week)

6-Month Plans 12 sessions

12 sessions per month


(approx. 3x’s a week)

6-Month Plan 16 sessions

16 sessions per month


(approx. 4x’s a week)


All sessions are available at the client’s discretion.

4 Pack: $160

8 Pack: $304

12 Pack: $420

16 Pack: $544

24 Pack: $792

All contracts must be signed in person at Pivotal Pilates.

Make 2021 Count. Get Serious.


Monthly Class Updates and Offers!



Our annual Black Friday Special is here! This is a the time of year we express gratitude and thanks for all we have. I am truly fortunate to have an amazing community of women and men who love what we do AND are wonderful people.


GROUP EQUIPMENT: ($35-59 savings)
Buy 10 Get 1 session FREE
Buy 20 Get 2 sessions FREE

FLOOR SESSIONS: ($20-40 savings)
Buy 10 Get 1 session FREE
Buy 20 get 2 sessions FREE

PRIVATE AND DUET: ($55-110 savings)
Buy 10 Get 1 FREE
Buy 20 and get 2 FREE

BUY ALL THREE PACKAGES and receive a bonus group equipment session! ($35 savings)
( One package purchase per client)

(Sale begins midnight November 26th and ends midnight November 27th. No exceptions)

Pivotal Staff. Pivotal Classes. Pivotal Pilates.

There are so many things to be grateful for this year and so many things to complain about. I choose to be grateful because it helps me stay grounded in what we truly have. I am grateful for a beautiful moment, an amazing sunset, the vibrant colors of the Fall, the sound of the ocean waves, the lush white winters (which I miss) and our wonderful and cuddly pets! And much more!

I am especially grateful to my staff who come into the studio and serve our clients day in and day out with excellent instruction in an upbeat and lively way. Their sincere care and concern for our client community is felt and appreciated.
My family and friends who are always kind to me and supportive of all I do and my clients whose dedication and perseverance never cease to amaze me.

Last but not least, most of you know that I study and practice Autonomy and Life. It has been a great source of calm, stability and creativity in my life, for which I am very grateful for. www.autonomyandlife.com

Embrace the moments. Appreciate the day. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and may your families all stay healthy and well.

Much love,

Nicole Vinciguerra, Susan Markowitz,
Jen Guarino
Carolyn Delia
Kelly Concar
Moti Shudrich


Exciting NEW Classes


Pilates Tower - Longevity

Pilates For Men
Jen Guarino
Sundays 10:15am

It is about time! Men train differently then women and they need a great deal of stretching as well as length and strength. Pilates for Men is an equipment based class challenging local as well as global muscles and integrating breathing and stretching while you go. A fabulous addition to our amazing line up of classes!

Tower Power
Susan Markowitz
Fridays 10:00am

The Tower Class is not as recognized as the Reformer but that is because it is the best kept secret in the Pilates repertoire. Using spring tension and body weight you will flow through a 55 minute class working all muscle groups in a slow and steady way. This is a total body workout!

Foundational Reformer
Nicole Vinciguerra
Wednesdays 11:30am

In this Signature Foundational class we dig deep into the local stabilizing muscles of the torso and back and side line. Each week will be a discovery of how Pilates can give you variety, work muscle groups from different angles and add balance, challenge and fun to your work outs.

No Experience is necessary for this class.

Pilates for Balance and Strength:
Jen Guarino
Thursdays 10:30am

Pilates for balance, stretch, & strength combines yoga poses as well as Pilates exercises to strengthen and lengthen the body. We hold balancing poses to work on stability as well as Pilates core exercises. Great class for people needing to work on balance and stability. Class is a flow that goes from one exercise to the next.

Foundational Reformer:
Moti Shudrich
Tuesday 6:30pm
(begins 11/10/20)

In this Signature Foundational class we dig deep into the local stabilizing muscles of the torso and back and side line. Each week will be a discovery of how Pilates can give you variety, work muscle groups from different angles and add balance, challenge and fun to your work outs.

No Experience is necessary for this class.

MOTI SHUDRICH (New Instructor) Received his full Pilates Instructor Certification in Tel Aviv in 2016. Prior to that he was a hydrotherapist and WATSU practitioner (receiving his certifications in 2010) at Shiba Medical Center.

Moti has been working closely with injuries and special populations for many years and brings his knowledge of movement and experience to Pivotal Pilates. We are lucky to have him. Come take a class with Moti and see for yourself?

You’ll love the classes here
almost as much as the instructors!

Take advantage of our Thanksgiving Day specials and try all these class and more! Here’s to a wonderful body and a wonderful season!

ROCKtober Community News

Get stronger. Live smarter. Feel Better.

Like a new dawn we rise up and begin again.We must look forward, take care of ourselves and build our community, body and spirit, even though inertia and life’s circumstances try and dim them. Let’s Rocktober together!


Let’s Welcome

Mordechai (Moti) Shudrich.

Originally a Wasu and Hydro-therapist, Moti began his career at Tel-Hashomer Rehabilitation Center in Israel. His love for movement and rehabilitation continued with his Pilates certification in 2016 incorporating his knowledge of movement with the Pilates Method. Today he combines the rigor and safety of the Pilates movement with rehabilitation techniques of a hydro-therapist. Please join us in welcoming him to our team!

Mixed Equipment
w/ Moti Shudrich

Mondays at 9:00am

This class is an intermediate level mixed equipment class using the Reformer, Tower and Chair. 15-20 minutes segments on these various pieces of equipment stretching and strengthening your muscles as you go. This total body workout is worth checking out! Begins October 19th.

w/ Susan Markowitz

Mondays at 10:00am

The Tower Power is a full 60 min. class on this stationary piece of equipment using springs, bars and other supportive attachments. This is a bodyweight workout but better. We use the attachments to assist and support ensuring proper muscle recruitment and core power. Open Level.

Take a look at our FALL LINE UP!

Get Stronger. Live Smarter. Feel Better.

We Missed You!


It’s been a long haul and we’ve been waiting patiently as the state reopens fitness facilities again. This has been a time of refection for all of us. We’ve been thinking about what we value and what matters to us. Health and wellness is at the forefront of everyones mind as well as a strong and vibrant economy.

As of July 2nd, we are opening up for private instruction and duet sessions.

We are scheduling no more than 3 clients at a time in our spacious 3,000 sqft. facility. So as not to compromise we must stay cautious and take charge of our environments, not only for ourselves but our loved ones.

Unfortunately we can commit to an opening date for equipment classes just yet. I am sensitive to the urgency of getting back to some sense of normalcy with group classes. The Governor hasn’t cleared Fitness Facilities past 1 or 2 clients at a time. Pivotal Pilates has always been known for our small group instruction, now in the presence of this pandemic, small group classes makes sense. It matters to us that you get the highest quality instruction possible in the safest environment possible. When we do open it will be at a 50% capacity for every equipment class.

We are taking every precaution to make sure you are safe and taken care of. We want you to feel confident coming in to the studio.

Here are a list of ways we are looking out for you.


  1. As of July 2nd No more than 4 people will be in the studio at any given time (incl. group)
  2. Seating has been set up to enter and leave the studio at opposite ends to avoid congestion.
  3. Instructors will wear gloves at all times.
  4. Clients are required to wear masks when entering & can be taken off while exercising.
  5. Social distancing protocols are observed at all times.
  6. Industrial strength cleaner will be used daily on all pieces of equipment and overall weekly.
  7. We require all employees & clients upon entering the studio to use hand sanitizer and again when existing.
  8. Air Purifying essential oils will be running constantly throughout the day.
  9. As of July 6th no more than 6 people will be allowed inside the studio at any given time.

(FYI ask us about plastic face masks and your own personal Reformer towel)


Bo is our new mascot! He’s been busy working and learning Pilates. It’s not the same without you.We’d love to announce a specific date we can open for Group Equipment but as of today we have none.

Please stay tuned…Here’s sneak peak at whats to come.

We’re bringing back our awesome line of group classes and have designed new classes focused on body stability and strength. We will operate at 50% equipment capacity.

New Instructor. Amazing New Class BACK TO BASICS PILATES MAT

Join Carolyn Delia every Monday & Friday Morning @ 7:00am for a foundational but challenging Pilates mat class. Carolyn has been doing Pilates for at least 15 years and is the newest member of our Kane School Pilates team. You’ll love how Pilates Mat feels on your body.

We have a NEW series of back classes for stability and strength. These classes really do focus on local stabilizers and is not a high impact class. Safe for most populations with back issues. Join Susan every Friday @12 for YUR Back Stability Reformer Class.

New Client Special!

10% off


If you are new to Pivotal Pilates we are now offering a New Client Special. Click below to register.

May Newsletter


Greetings all Pivotal Pilates clients, friends and family. While we aren’t opening to our community yet I did want to touch base. We’ve been so grateful and appreciative of our online participants and staff as we push through this environment. We will continue with our online classes through May. Pending government approval we’d like to open for private clients sooner.

While we’ve missed you and your smiling faces I am still cautious as we re-open to the community. As you know we are considered a non-essential business. The state may not re-open for several weeks to come. My first priority is to the health and wellbeing of my staff and clients. As the opportunity opens up for non-essential businesses, I am taking every precaution as we begin the slow and steady climb back to some kind of regular schedule. I want to reassure you that we’ll have the appropriate guidelines and protocols in place. Here are a few below.

New and Standard Protocols

  1. Before anyone enters the studio it will be professional cleaned from top to bottom using high-grade antivirus/bacteria solutions.
  2. Prior to every client entering and leaving we will continue to wipe down our equipment and surroundings with industrial grade products.
  3. NEW: Phase 1: Only 3 private clients in the studio at a time for a total of 6 people in our 3,000 sq. ft. area.
  4. NEW: Phase 1: Every other Reformer will be used (3 total).
  5. NEW: Gloves and masks are mandatory for instructors when they are teaching and gloves for all clients when they work out. (Masks will be optional and not recommended for clients) but the social distancing protocol of 6ft will be enforced.

This is an experimental time. If anyone should get sick or the WHO sees numbers rise again, we will have to do the right thing. Hopefully it won’t come to that.

Beginning May 18th, we are taking private clients back onto our schedule (no more than 3 in an hour) and are permitting group classes of 3 at separate times.

There will only be a maximum of 6 people at any given time in our 3,000 sft. space.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with your instructor please email me your request: susan@pivotalpilates.com and I will schedule you with your Pilates instructor. We ask that you be patient while we figure out the schedule for private and group classes. I will be publishing the class schedule beginning in June.

I’m sure you are anxious to get back into a workout routine and move with us again. We love and appreciate you too!

April Newsletter

Your monthly news & updates

These times are indeed stuff of movies and futuristic story telling. Who would have thought such a radical, in so swift amount of time something could change much of our world. No one I’m sure was prepared for this.

During this time we see what our lives have been about. What we cherish and what we waste. We tune into our bodies and either feel the anxieties we avoid or the overwhelming fear that drives our productivity or the love we have for those we can’t see.This is a time to reevaluate and rethink what matters most and spend the time to recreate our lives going forward.

I miss my clients very much. I miss your faces and your smiles and the way you move me through one day to the next. I miss your wondrous stories and how you inspire me. Mostly I miss your companionship through this journey. In the meantime I hope you are strong and well and keeping up with your fitness. Movement is life! Don’t give up.
Much Love, Susan

Please share with a Front-Liner you know. SEE OFFER BELOW


Barre/Pilates Mat Fusion

Tuesday Nights 6:30pm

Anyone can participate in this amazing fusion class. You need only a study chair and 55 minutes of your time. Jen will lead you through this Open Level Barre/Mat fusion class with an easy flow and great cueing.

Pilates Warm Flow

Thursday Nights 6:30pm

This class is more of an intermediate level Pilates mat class. You will move through all planes with challenging but accessible exercises designed to make you sweat and stretch.

For our FRONT-LINERS and those who need it!


Friday Nights 5:30pm

Beginning 4/10/20

For those who truly can’t afford to pay for any online classes I am donating ONE CLASS per week. It will air every Friday Evening @ 5:30pm I’m hoping to reach the “front-liners” and those who otherwise couldn’t have access to this programing.

Sending love from our entire staff to your family. Stay healthy and safe. Flatten the curve!