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Can Pilates improve your sex life? Take a look!

Another Reason to Love Pilates: It can Support Better Sex & Intimacy

Science supports that exercise, which of course includes Pilates, can lead to more satisfaction in bed. In 2004, researchers determined that college students who deemed themselves above average fitness-wise also perceived themselves that way when it came to sexual desirability and performance…. Read Article

Benefits of Pilates for Men

Men often shy away from Pilates because it seems like a female-dominated practice. But in reality, many professional athletes use it as a form of cross-training to improve their overall performance…. Read Article

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.” Joseph Pilates

Vibrational Fitness

Vibrational fitness has been on the market for over 20 years. The research is remarkable. In just 25 minutes 3x’s a week you will see amazing results. Book a demo with us and catch the Vibrations!

Vibrational Fitness Benefits

Greater muscle tone and coordination

✓  Increased flexibility

✓  Accelerated fat loss

✓  Increased mental stimulation for better concentration

✓  Reduced stress, and improved hormonal profile

✓  Increased circulation and oxygenation

✓  Reversal of osteoporosis

✓  Improved nutrient absorption and enhanced immune functions

✓  Decreased cellulite

✓  Increased metabolism

✓  Enhanced collagen production and improved skin tone

✓  Improved joint function

✓  Lessened pain

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