Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! We have so much to share with you. TAKE A LOOK!

Happy New Year and Good Riddance to 2020! For most of us, 2020 was a year of contemplation, revisioning, and taking stock of what matters most. Being one of those businesses that had to think on their feet during this year, I’ve made some Pivotal changes to what we do. Using the knowledge I’ve acquired over the last 18-20 years is important to me. I love teaching special populations and the over 60 community. I’ve found that seniors and all people who would otherwise not go to a “gym setting” need our skills the most. Pivotal is a great place to focus on wellness. People want to work on their bodies seriously and help themselves move better, feel better and of course, look better. As we age so too do our bones, muscles, soft tissue, brains, joints, and well, everything! Aging requires athleticism in different ways. In order to “age backward,” we must train differently. With this knowledge in mind, I reoriented our programming to meet the needs of this population. We now have 4 tracks you can choose from that take into account your fitness level, experience, age, and fitness ambitions.

Take a look below!

New Track Options

Pivotal now offers TRACKS for your specific fitness needs for that week, day, or anytime. When you follow a track you can get the specific kind of fitness you’re looking for. You can stay on a track or jump to different tracks giving you a variety of ways to train your body.

Outlining the level of each class gives you a choice as to whether you want to work a little slower and deeper or faster and more explosive. We’ve also added an Active Aging Track for that client over 55 who enjoys more length, balance, and fascial fitness. We want to help you reach the place where your body flourishes. Take a look at our tracks.

Active Aging Track
For those of us who are over 55 and looking for deeper postural work, balance, strength, and a slower paced class, this is perfect for you! Look for our Balance. Strength and Stretch classes. Or Active Aging.
Beginner Track
Our Introductory offers and 8-Session Beginner Series is a great way to get started with Pilates. We will get you up and running in no time!
Look for our Beginner Classes.
Power Track
Interval training with emphasis on stamina and strength. But don’t worry we always do lots of stretching to finish!
Look for Power Classes.
Intermediate Track
Balance, stretch and strength is the theme for these slow moving but powerful classes. Isometric work coupled with deep breathing goes a long way.
Look for Intermediate Classes.
Rehab Track
This track is reserved for private sessions. Clients work on troubled areas while integrating more functional fitness into their programming.
By Appointment Only


We now offer a new package plan which I think everyone will benefit from. While we will still offer packages ‘ala-cart’ our best pricing is our contract packaging.

Group Equipment

Make easy monthly payments by choosing the appropriate package for your participation preference. All sessions expire each month and do not roll over into the next.


3-Month Plans 4 sessions

4 Sessions a month


(approx. 1x’s a week)


6 Month Plan 8 sessions

8 sessions per month


(approx. 2x’s a week)

6-Month Plans 12 sessions

12 sessions per month


(approx. 3x’s a week)

6-Month Plan 16 sessions

16 sessions per month


(approx. 4x’s a week)


All sessions are available at the client’s discretion.

4 Pack: $160

8 Pack: $304

12 Pack: $420

16 Pack: $544

24 Pack: $792

All contracts must be signed in person at Pivotal Pilates.

Make 2021 Count. Get Serious.