We Missed You!


It’s been a long haul and we’ve been waiting patiently as the state reopens fitness facilities again. This has been a time of refection for all of us. We’ve been thinking about what we value and what matters to us. Health and wellness is at the forefront of everyones mind as well as a strong and vibrant economy.

As of July 2nd, we are opening up for private instruction and duet sessions.

We are scheduling no more than 3 clients at a time in our spacious 3,000 sqft. facility. So as not to compromise we must stay cautious and take charge of our environments, not only for ourselves but our loved ones.

Unfortunately we can commit to an opening date for equipment classes just yet. I am sensitive to the urgency of getting back to some sense of normalcy with group classes. The Governor hasn’t cleared Fitness Facilities past 1 or 2 clients at a time. Pivotal Pilates has always been known for our small group instruction, now in the presence of this pandemic, small group classes makes sense. It matters to us that you get the highest quality instruction possible in the safest environment possible. When we do open it will be at a 50% capacity for every equipment class.

We are taking every precaution to make sure you are safe and taken care of. We want you to feel confident coming in to the studio.

Here are a list of ways we are looking out for you.


  1. As of July 2nd No more than 4 people will be in the studio at any given time (incl. group)
  2. Seating has been set up to enter and leave the studio at opposite ends to avoid congestion.
  3. Instructors will wear gloves at all times.
  4. Clients are required to wear masks when entering & can be taken off while exercising.
  5. Social distancing protocols are observed at all times.
  6. Industrial strength cleaner will be used daily on all pieces of equipment and overall weekly.
  7. We require all employees & clients upon entering the studio to use hand sanitizer and again when existing.
  8. Air Purifying essential oils will be running constantly throughout the day.
  9. As of July 6th no more than 6 people will be allowed inside the studio at any given time.

(FYI ask us about plastic face masks and your own personal Reformer towel)


Bo is our new mascot! He’s been busy working and learning Pilates. It’s not the same without you.We’d love to announce a specific date we can open for Group Equipment but as of today we have none.

Please stay tuned…Here’s sneak peak at whats to come.

We’re bringing back our awesome line of group classes and have designed new classes focused on body stability and strength. We will operate at 50% equipment capacity.

New Instructor. Amazing New Class BACK TO BASICS PILATES MAT

Join Carolyn Delia every Monday & Friday Morning @ 7:00am for a foundational but challenging Pilates mat class. Carolyn has been doing Pilates for at least 15 years and is the newest member of our Kane School Pilates team. You’ll love how Pilates Mat feels on your body.

We have a NEW series of back classes for stability and strength. These classes really do focus on local stabilizers and is not a high impact class. Safe for most populations with back issues. Join Susan every Friday @12 for YUR Back Stability Reformer Class.

New Client Special!

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