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April Newsletter

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These times are indeed stuff of movies and futuristic story telling. Who would have thought such a radical, in so swift amount of time something could change much of our world. No one I’m sure was prepared for this.

During this time we see what our lives have been about. What we cherish and what we waste. We tune into our bodies and either feel the anxieties we avoid or the overwhelming fear that drives our productivity or the love we have for those we can’t see.This is a time to reevaluate and rethink what matters most and spend the time to recreate our lives going forward.

I miss my clients very much. I miss your faces and your smiles and the way you move me through one day to the next. I miss your wondrous stories and how you inspire me. Mostly I miss your companionship through this journey. In the meantime I hope you are strong and well and keeping up with your fitness. Movement is life! Don’t give up.
Much Love, Susan

Please share with a Front-Liner you know. SEE OFFER BELOW


Barre/Pilates Mat Fusion

Tuesday Nights 6:30pm

Anyone can participate in this amazing fusion class. You need only a study chair and 55 minutes of your time. Jen will lead you through this Open Level Barre/Mat fusion class with an easy flow and great cueing.

Pilates Warm Flow

Thursday Nights 6:30pm

This class is more of an intermediate level Pilates mat class. You will move through all planes with challenging but accessible exercises designed to make you sweat and stretch.

For our FRONT-LINERS and those who need it!


Friday Nights 5:30pm

Beginning 4/10/20

For those who truly can’t afford to pay for any online classes I am donating ONE CLASS per week. It will air every Friday Evening @ 5:30pm I’m hoping to reach the “front-liners” and those who otherwise couldn’t have access to this programing.

Sending love from our entire staff to your family. Stay healthy and safe. Flatten the curve!