Pivotal Pilates
Pivotal Pilates

Susan Markowitz, the founder and director of Pivotal Pilates has been teaching in Pilates since 2004. She is fully certified by STOTT PILATES International and Pilates on Fifth of Manhattan. Susan specializes in utilizing Pilates and other methods of exercise, including the ballet barre and yoga, to create a powerful and personal workout for each individual. She is certified to work with special populations; pre/postnatal, joint and spine conditions. Join her at Pivotal Pilates in Matawan, NJ.

Pivotal Mat Variety
Pivotal Pilates is centrally located just of Route #34 and Broad Street, in Matawan NJ. This spacious, tranquil and energetic space provides optimum concentration, a sense of peace and relaxation. Pivotal offers a variety of mat classes. Whether you are a beginner or advanced Pilates enthusiast we have classes for you. Pivotal also offers restorative classes such as Qi-Gung, Foam Roller Variations, and Jazz/Hip Hop for Adults.

Pivotal Apparatus
There are many types of Pilates programs out there such as Windsor, Stott, True, Real and Authentic Pilates. They all have something to offer. At Pivotal, we combine the simplicity, power and integrity of classical Pilates, and specialize in rehabilitation techniques and athletic conditioning. We also offer prenatal and postnatal Pilates conditioning for women looking to maintain strength during and after pregnancy.

Whether you are a seasoned exerciser, a beginner or somewhere in between we can compose a program to move you closer to your exercise goals.

Come and join us for a demonstration or schedule your first appointment today!
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"I have been working out for 25 years, and thought I had done the most I could in terms of staying fit and challenged. I was wrong - in my Pilates sessions I have discovered areas of my body that I never really engaged before. I've learned the importance of working on my "core" because that is what will keep me in good alignment as I get older."
- Mary, Corporate Executive
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